Thursday, June 28, 2012

Father's Day 2012

I know I'm almost 2 weeks behind on the Father's Day post but I blame that on being in Minnesota most of the past week and a half..

Proof that I crossed the Mississippi River!! 
and also beginning training for my new job these past 2 days (so exciting!). With all my excuses aside, I have a few cards I made for my father and my grandfather for Father's Day. I also ended up making a card for my grandmother at the same time (What can I say, I was in a serious card-making mood!) since she recently fractured her ankle.

So my dad (or Papa as he is referred to in our house) is very much into camping. And by camping, I don't mean the no bathrooms, no electricity type camping, I'm talking the air-conditioned, wood floored, built in fireplace for your camper type camping. So essentially every weekend he leaves home to live in a smaller version of his home, either way we love him for it! It was a no brainer then that I would make some sort of camping themed card for Father's Day. I found a great inspiration in the May/June 2012 edition of Paper Crafts magazine:

I also found the inspiration for his gift too (except in the March/April 2012 edition)!

With ideas in mind, I went to work. The mug was very very simple, I have used vinyl in the past to make Christmas gifts for my Stepmom and Grandmother, so luckily I had that lying around and I purchased a mug at Michaels for ~$3. 

Downloaded the lettering, which was perfect, I found "World's Best Papa"!! and cut with my Cameo:

To make the card, I searched for a grill design on Silhouette studio, the program I use with my cutting machine, the Silhouette Cameo. To my surprise, I found the exact same grill they used in Paper Crafts, which is a rare find for me!

When I make any cuts, I always like to make as many cuts as I can in one pass; That way I don't have to continuously feed the cutting mat into the machine and then I can assemble easily!

I made some minor changes but overall stayed pretty similar to the inspiration, I actually like mine a lot better :)

I didn't have any plain red ribbon, so I got creative with some Christmas ribbon I had laying around 
Finished project!
With that card done, I moved onto my grandfather, who is a man who loves his workshop. For as long as I can remember, my grandfather has always been working in the "barn" attached to my grandparents house aka the 2 story garage that looks like a barn. I have always associated him with tools and crafty things (and by crafty I mean he made my parents dining room table and chairs.. not crafty in making dorky cards :P). SO naturally, I went with the tool approach:

I was a little nervous as I am slightly a perfectionist and this was one of my first cards using stamps but it was surprisingly simple albeit tedious (which I oddly don't mind...) 

Quick and simple!
Phew. You've survived my ramblings long enough, onto the last card! My poor grandmother unluckily stepped off a curb and fractured her ankle a few weeks ago. My inner Physical Therapist is replaying the scene in my head and cracked my grandmother up when I was able to explain to her what happened and I wasn't even there :P So, with my card making frenzy, I knew I had to try out more stamps (and my embosser!) for my creative grandmother. Her card was also an inspiration from Paper Crafts (May/June 2012):

I was in a total stamping mood!

And also very excited to use my embosser! 

Matchy matching ribbons
Glue dots = so easy!


Well that was a long winded post, but very much overdo. I am all blogged out for tonight but stay tuned tomorrow for my weekly coupon deals! (And yes I did buy my papers while in Minnesota as to not miss out on them!)

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